Stichting Klankschap (soundscape foundation) was founded in 1983 to provide a platform for improving the awareness of the sounds that surround us every day. Sounds that we normally suppress in order to hear the iceing on the cake. The quality of sound however, can only be judged after it has been heard.

A conservative estimation indicates that around 80% of all sounds in the western environment are unintentional. They sound as an artefact of something else, not in order to be be listened to by themselves. e.g. aeroplanes, trains, cars and motorcycles are made to transport things from one place to another. Not as a musical instrument. Traditionally, music is made to be listened to; not as a mean to mask the traffic noise...

And sometimes people are too busy to listen to the music.

Floris van Manen

He is living his time in the grey zone between art & technology. Live audio recording & mastering, teaching & lecturing, computer programming & composing, pen plotting with ink on paper, using light for changes in shape & color. Throughout his work the structures & variations there in are of paramount interest to him. Distribution of time in space, of both image & sound. He searches for solutions that are proof against irritation & boredom. A quest for refinement of simplicity.


An Act of Listening

A trilogy CD project with a focus on listening itself. Highlighting different properties & perspectives while enjoying the intriguing, rich & layered of the soundscape around us. Recorded and composed by Kjell Samkopf & Floris van Manen

(2002) Music for Large Mountain and Vibraphone

(2010) Listening Ahead

(2017) It Is What It Is

Field Recording Service

Listening takes time. We do provide in- and outdoor digital audio recording services. With a focus on how music & sound resonate in their natural habitat. We don't rush. If you want to rush, please go elsewhere. We invest the time it takes to capture the sounds as intended. We've been on site recording audio digitally since 1982 and go there where it sounds best. Recordings were used for CD, theater, film, radio, tv & art projects alike.


info@klankschap.nl for questions, suggestions & additional information.