Void Media Consulting

In a world where audio land filling got its momentum, a third ear can make all the difference. We provide genuine services in the global world of sound improvement. Forget about CO2, it is the invisible universe of audio waves that puts our planet at risk. Sound is the silent killer !

What can we do for you?


We provide you with an independent, alien ear.
We do listen to you work.
We also listen to what you say.
We understand what you mean.
We tell you what we hear.


We provide high end audio recording services, to create milestones in time. We take a snapshot of how your environment sounds today. These milestones can be used as a reference. In order to perceive change, you need two points. Get one audio picture today and use that as a point of reference for your future stills. Only in that way, one has the material to compare.

Before you can judge on the quality of an event, you first need to listen to it. Listening comes after hearing it. We can help you listen to your own acoustic world. Avoid unpleasant surprises before it is too late. Seeing is believing, there's no listening without hearing.

Third Party Listening

We provide professional third party listening services. We listen to your audio world in an outsider role. We can provide both sweet and unsalted reviews of your (audio) plans. We preview your next song, album, radio documentary, film, theater while there is still time for making changes for the better... We provide suggestions for improving the impact of what you intend to say. We have an international panel of both professional and amateur ears. Available on request to listen on your behalf.

A small step for mankind, a giant leap for a listening ear...

Who are we listening for?

We listen on a first in first out basis. We serve international industries, government, private and public institutions alike. Contact us today, for your reference of tomorrow.

"Were it not true, we would not have believed it..."
(Institute for Unsolicited Advice)

"This is very exciting because I don't understand it..."
(senior international news editor)

"This is for professionals only !"
(K. Samkopf, snc)

"You have to describe things as simple as possible; but not simpler."
(A. Einstein)